Developing a positive attitude has been a life long process. Words in any form, written, spoken, sung, can have a huge effect on those hearing the words. People’s very lives can be impacted by the words we use, and help to form, not only our own attitudes, but the attitudes of others. In this endeavor it is no wonder I studied English and writing in college, earning B.S. and M.Ed. degrees in writing and counseling respectively. My two published books, The Heart Remembers and Borderline, are essentially about dealing with the challenges of maintaining a positive attitude throughout the events that occur in life. My numerous short stories and songs all reflect the power of people, especially women, to overcome adversity with mercy and forgiveness.

I believe it is important to experience other cultures, other countries, and as wide an array of interests that time will allow. To that end I have lived and traveled through all of Central America and a good deal of South America. I have had many hobbies; collecting gemstones, making jewelry, playing music. My current passion is creating podcasts to collect the memories and oral histories of the brave and interesting people from the“Crown Jewel of Texas,” the Big Bend of Brewster County, my home since 1976.

As a mother to a son and a stepson I have learned that wit and humor can go a long way to survival of almost anything. Comedy is a strong coping skill as one walks this journey of life, and so throughout my writings you will sometimes come across humorous stretches in the most solemn of places. My best advice, “Laugh a little.”