KVLF Alpine TX Interview

It’s Not the Book, It’s the Message The following radio interview gave me another chance to deliver the message. The message is that sexual assault is barbaric. It is wrong. There are few acts in this world that are as heinous as rape, and of those, only rape has reached global epidemic proportions. It is not hyperbole to say that rape is a soul-killing theft of identity and sense of trust.

Do you want to help eradicate rape? Then be a HERO - Help End Rape Occurrences. This will help:

  • NO means no. Every.Single.Time.
  • DON’T get angry when a woman tells you she is not interested in you. Move on.
  • DON’T pressure a woman into having sex.
  • DON’T make physical contact with a woman without asking permission.
  • DON’T let your male friends/co-workers make disparaging degrading remarks about a woman. Call them out, start a conversation. Refer them to this website.
  • DON’T use ugly slang words to talk about a woman, and don’t let your friends do it. Have the strength to call them out or walk away. Refer them to this website.
  • DON’T listen to trash music that uses demeaning words for a female.

If you want to hear more about this, then listen to the interview on KVLF below. This radio station is known as the “Voice of the Last Frontier. Let’s use our collective voices to END RAPE.